About Me

Hey there, I'm Kenny 👋🏻

I'm the Developer Advocate at the Stacks Foundation where I focus on helping developers build decentralized software and smart contracts with Stacks, a Layer 1 blockchain secured by Bitcoin.

I spend most of my time creating content and tools to ensure developers can be as successful as possible in building web3 applications secured by Bitcoin with Stacks.

I'm a big believer in pragmatic web3. I think blockchain tech and web3 have some very powerful, specific use cases that have a lot of potential to improve people's lives.

I also think web3 is in a major hype cycle right now and part of our job is to separate the good stuff from the hype.

This is why I chose to build on Stacks. I believe Bitcoin is sound money and is a perfect foundation on which to build a decentralized economy so people all over the world have access to a robust, censorship-resistant financial system.

Stacks allows us to unleash Bitcoin's latent capital and potential as the underlying money for an economy that is resistant to corruption.

I write about how we as developers can contribute to that vision, both from a technical standpoint and from a more theoretical, philosophical standpoint.

I'm constantly fascinated by the world of blockchain, web3, Bitcoin, and crypto and how we relate to them from an economic, philosophical, and technical point of view. In addition to technical guides and tutorials, I often write about my more conceptual thoughts as it relates to these things.

If you're interested in learning more about Stacks, the best place to start is Starting Stacks, a complete roadmap and resource hub for people looking to learn about Stacks and how to build with it.